Steps to prepare a home for sale.

When you are ready to sell how do you prepare your property to go to market? Timing is everything and I suggest at least 7-10 days or even up

to 3 weeks to really create an in depth marketing plan for properties with significant wow factor!


Pictures are essential! Even if the house is a fixer or vacant all the way up to your multi-million dollar celebrity estate pictures are the most important

thing you can do to stand out from your competition. These days your first showing will be online. You need excellent pictures to get buyers through

the door. I always hire an experienced professional photographer with the right camera lenses and lighting to capture the home’s best features. You

also want as many great photos as possible, as the more photos you have the higher up your home will show in searches.  If you are staging the home I

recommend really thinking about the buyers who are shopping in your area and creating an atmosphere that will appeal to them.


While working on these things I highly recommend getting your disclosure package in order and consider a pre-listing inspection to find out about

repairs needed that you may not be aware of. And if you have read any of my other blogs  you’ll know by now to clear that sewer line!


If a property may be press-worthy 3 weeks is gong to be ideal as a lot of news opportunities will need photos and significant lead time prior to a

home going on the market to arrange for articles to come out just prior to the official unveiling. This also gives your agent time to do some pre-marketing.

Also, if appropriate, she can let other agents know what’s coming so they may get their buyers ready and excited. People love to be in the know and

hearing about a great new listing gives people something to talk about. And having people talking about your listing is a very good thing!


I welcome your thoughts or questions.

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