I used Katrina to sell the family home in which our family had lived for almost 60 years in Studio City. It was an emotional experience and there were many months of necessary cleanup and restoration needed to prepare the property for sale. For those who have never sold property before, there is a lot involved and you want an agent who of course has the requisite experience, but also is someone you enjoy working with and who can help with all the intangibles involved as well as the routine documentation. Katrina covered all these bases. She coordinated all the cleanup and restoration work over a period of several months. Her eye for how to properly stage the property for sale was spot on. She handled negotiations with prospective buyers like the professional she is and always gave cogent, clear advice on options available at each twist and turn in the sales process (and there were many). But most of all, and possibly most importantly, she was a joy to work with. Always positive, always caring, and someone I enjoyed working with and whom I can now call a friend. Thank you Katrina for guiding me successfully through the process and getting the highest possible value for the property.
Mark Markus
We are so grateful to have Katrina to sell our house in today's financial crisis. She brought in buyers from all areas and we were able to close in ten days smoothly. We have had four transactions with Katrina in the past ten years, she brought us all qualified buyers and tenants. I have been in real estate industry for forty years and would consider Katrina a true professional. She is straight forward, honest, and with high integrity. I highly recommend Katrina!!!!!
Willy and Eileen Ma
We consider ourselves experienced home buyers who have been lucky to work with talented buy and sell-side real estate agents. In the summer of 2021, we decided to move to Los Angeles and got a strong recommendation to work with Katrina Webb-McNeil. What we expect from a broker is arguably obvious - someone who has a comprehensive understanding of the market, someone who knows how to ask the right questions to understand the motivations and tastes of their clients and someone who can give you the advice you need to hear so you can make quick decisions in a complicated home buying environment. Katrina checks all of the boxes. Over the last 4 months, we saw a broad range of houses, Katrina helped us expand our understanding of Los Angeles and gave us great advice as we considered making offers in a market where no one can tell you, “I’ve seen this before.” When we found our dream home, Katrina knew it before we did, she went into strategic coach mode and made a recommendation that helped us get the house in a way that left other buyers asking their brokers, “what happened?” We give Katrina 5 stars in “Yelp speak” along with our highest recommendations. We feel confident that you will really love working with Katrina. She is the very best!
Sue and Steve Weinswig
We can’t recommend Katrina and Willie highly enough! As first time buyers, we would have been lost without their help and expertise. From tips on securing a loan, strategies for navigating this crazy COVID market, all the way to recommending inspectors and contractors, they guided us every step of the way. And they were especially patient with us as we figured out what we actually wanted in our first home. They made our home buying experience a stress-free success and we will definitely work with them again when we’re ready to sell.
Darcy Mann
Katrina Webb-McNeil is an awesome realtor. She helped me from the beginning of my quest--to sell a condo as a trustee--to the very end. It was complicated--trust issues, court documents, HOAs--but she guided me all along the way. And all of this was with me being 400 miles away. She helped me get the condo cleared out, painted, carpeted and cleaned by sending me referrals and even meeting the workers at the site. And she listed the condo for just the right price to make it attractive. We got a great price! Thank you, Katrina!
Sharon Bleviss
Thank you SO SO much Katrina and Willie!!! We can’t thank you two enough! We’ve used Katrina twice now. Once to buy an incredible home in Eagle Rock and now to sell that same home in Eagle Rock and purchase our new home in Valley Glen. We came to Katrina with (what we thought) was a completely impossible task and she and Willie went above and beyond. I fell in love with a home in Valley Glen while browsing Redfin on a whim. My husband and I weren’t even on the market to buy / sell (just thought it would be fun to take a look) but knew we had to have this property. We asked Katrina and Willie on a Saturday if we could see the property. The following day we saw the property (fell in love), and by Monday put in an offer. With their amazing expertise we were able to get our house photographed and listed within days, got offers in just a few days on the market (even before the public open house) went into escrow by the 6th day, and got over asking! Anyone who’s ever tried to sell and buy a home knows it takes months of prep work to even get to this stage, but they were able to pull off a miracle. They helped us pick the perfect buyers who loved our home making this entire wild and quick process as smooth as possible. We are awestruck by these two and their teamwork. Long story short, we got the house and sold ours lightening fast. I’m positive there would be no way we could have done this if it wasn’t for Katrina and Willie. Our kiddo is going to LOVE the new backyard and we can’t wait to start gardening.
Vlada and Mark Werts
Katrina is special in many ways but her true gift is her ability to teach. When I got my real estate license, I had been a stay at home mom for 18 years. Katrina was assigned to me and for the next 6 months, she took me from a complete novice to feeling empowered to do deals on my own. She oversaw every detail of every transaction and pushed me to be better. She wanted me to succeed and encouraged me at every turn. Her organizational mind is key to why she is so successful in real estate. I always tell her that she should become an attorney because she not only knows contracts inside out, she relishes in them. Her very loyal clients love her because she knows how to educate them in a comprehensive and clear manner. I still call her for advice and consider her a blessing in my life. I always tell people that I was lucky to study at the "Harvard" of real estate with Professor Katrina Webb-McNeil inspiring me all the way.
Maty Novia
We met Katrina for the first time almost 10 years ago at an open house which she was hosting as a seller's agent when we were cruising LA area visiting several open houses to look for our house. At that time she was so kind and patient to listen to our needs carefully and gave appropriate and clear advice and information on hunting house in the area to us. As the meeting was impressive and comfortable and we liked her cheerful spirit, we asked her to help us as a buyer's agent. Since then our house shopping with Katrina started. It was not easy shopping since we lived in Ohio at that time so that we needed to fly to LA each time we visit candidate houses with Katrina. We made several trips and visited more than 50 houses spending more than 12 months, and finally found and bought a lovely house. We have enjoyed comfortable living in this house until this year which we believe could not attain without Katrina's efforts, patience and hard work. This time when we decided to sell this house we contacted Katrina, without any hesitation, to help us as a seller's agent. Then, as we expected, she did a great job and got multiple offers in short time and gave us successful and satisfactory result. As we moved out of the state before putting the house on the market, Katrina kept visiting the house to water the plants and made own recipe for hummingbird feeders to keep the house alive. We have bought /sold 6 houses so far in the states with the help of many realtors, and among them, Katrina is the best with no doubt!
Sean and Yuki Kitazawa
Willie has proven himself to be honest, dependable and a genuinely good person to be around. Willie’s positive personal traits transfer completely into his work ethic. He works extremely hard at what he does, and he keeps an unwavering eye on quality. I would, without hesitation, recommend Willie for any post or position and I would never have to worry about whether he would deliver.
Matthew Jones
Katrina Webb-McNeil is a consummate professional. Our house sale was long and complicated by factors beyond our control. Katrina was unfailingly pro-active, pragmatic and supportive throughout all the twists and turns. Her attention to detail is extraordinary and her graciousness is a delight. I wholeheartedly recommend Katrina and I am deeply appreciative of all she did for us.
Leigh Johnson
As a first time home buyer knowing nothing coming in, Katrina first gave great guidance on the entire process, and then gave great recommendations on where to find what I was looking for. Once we finally found the home, the escrow process went as smoothly and confidently as I could only hope for. It was clear from the beginning that she not only had good contacts in the industry, but also great experience.
Danny Gardner
Katrina was always available for questions. She has a very professional and pleasant manner with sellers and their agents. We felt that she was there for us and we could completely trust her. She also was able to foresee possible problems and helped us resolve them. Buying a house with Katrina’s help was a great experience.
Katerina Stratos and Toby Oliver
I truly can't imagine a better mentor than Katrina. Hers is a career that any agent would aspire to—she's built a business that's primarily referral-based so it's evident that she creates real results for her clients, and they love her. She sells gorgeous houses across diverse and interesting neighborhoods, she's respected and well liked by her peers, and she's accomplished all this while maintaining a healthy work-life balance, which speaks to her both her effectiveness and her discipline. Seeing all this, I've soaked up everything she's taught me because clearly she's doing it right. As a teacher, Katrina is abundantly patient. She'd let me ask the same question a dozen times and patiently explain the "what, when and why" until I finally got it. Early on, we had to navigate a few challenging situations with my clients. She let me have the difficult conversations, she let me make mistakes, and I felt comfortable doing so because I knew she was always there to jump in and catch me if I fell. But perhaps the best thing about Katrina is her generosity. With her mentees and clients, Katrina enthusiastically shares her time, energy and knowledge. She didn't care that I was after the same micro-market; she said there's enough success to go around and she handed me all of her secrets. She's trusted me with her clients. I feel forever grateful to her for all that she's taught and given me. Katrina's grace, professionalism and strategic mind are unmatched in the industry, and even though I've graduated from her program, I'll always consider her a mentor, and a friend.
Christie McCollum
We moved to the US in January and Katrina had us in a house we absolutely love within a few months. We had a lot to learn about the process of buying in the US and she anticipated our needs and took the time to explain each step and what was required of us, all in a timely fashion. She also liaised in a professional manner with our finance people, which we appreciated. It was complicated at times. Not only is Katrina very knowledgeable about real estate and what to look for in a home, she goes out of her way to help with settling into a new area. We feel very lucky to have found Katrina.
Sarah and Tim Minchin
Dear Katrina, thank you so so so dearly for your patience. HARD WORK and your time...We appreciate so much all that you did for us. Throughout the whole process we felt confident that you would be fighting for our best interest. Thank you so much for your guidance and most of all for your Caring!!! It was so lovely to work with you.
Leslie Nix and Damian Jones
Katrina truly could not have done a better job. I had a tricky situation in that I had very little time to decide if I wanted to buy the house and I had so much competition that every aspect of my offer and handling of the sale had to go perfectly and it did because of Katrina. I felt completely protected and I trusted her fully during the entire process. I don't think I can recommend Katrina enough - she knows what she is doing, is thoughtful, proactive and so enthusiastic she really helped me believe that all would go well and she was right!
Charlie Campbell
Katrina was our agent for both buying our new house and selling the one we were moving out of. She was very knowledgable about everything we should consider. She took our top priorities into consideration every step of the way. She worked very hard to make sure any difficult issues were resolved. And she was super nice to work with the entire time. We are very glad we worked Katrina on both the purchase and the sale.
Chad Findley and Tiffany Hecht
If we haven't had the chance to say it enough Katrina, my god, THANK YOU, through this whole process you've been amazingly patient, kind and helpful. We completely could not have done this with out you. You are the best and we couldn't be more excited with our new house. We're going to live the shit out of that place.
Dan Gregor and Rachel Bloom
Katrina was very professional and an excellent communicator. She was definitely in my corner and supported me through the whole process. My purchase was a unique one and there were challenges all the way to the end. Katrina helped me pick the best line through a tricky negotiation process and I would recommend her service to anyone!
Darius Eghbal
Katrina helped us sell our condo as well as buy our new home. She was always available to us for any questions and concerns. Her patience, wisdom and expertise helped guide us through the experience and made the entire process move very quickly and smoothly.
Jim Akimoto
We've been working on and off with Katrina since we first chose to settle in Los Angeles. When we finally (finally!) had all the pieces together to really be serious, we put an offer on the first house we saw and it's been smooth sailing since. Katrina has guided us through the process like a pro - I've always trusted that I was in great hands. I hope not to do this again soon but will happily be in contact with Katrina whenever the need arises.
Tripp Pettigrew-Rolapp
Katrina Webb-McNeil is the hardest working person in real estate and cares about the clients. She sets new standards for determination, perseverance, as well as care and attention to her clients. Most importantly, she listens which I find is pretty much a lost art in this virtual world of ours. Consequently that makes her a very rare and valued real estate agent to have on your side. Her perseverance and tenacity is supported by her knowledge of the market. I would recommend her highly as a true professional.

Michael Curry, President at Curry Co
"Katrina is wonderful!! Not only is she incredibly helpful, smart and resourceful, but she helped us find a beautiful and affordable house in a great neighborhood. We are so thankful that she was there to guide us through this very stressful and exciting experience. And when we ever decide to go through the process again, Katrina will DEFINITELY be the first person we call."
Suzie Pellisier

"It is with great pleasure that my husband and I write this letter of recommendation for Katrina Webb-McNeil. We met Katrina for the purchase of a house and were so impressed by her professionalism and expertise of the area in which we were looking. From the beginning we experienced top-notch realty expertise, from the daily listings, organized open houses and knowledge of the school districts we were looking for. Katrina is honest and straightforward and worked well with our needs. Escrow went smoothly and we therefore highly recommend Katrina for any real estate need."

Vittoria Federico, Owner at Rebel 8
"I’ve recently purchased a home in Highland Park and I couldn’t have done it with the expertise of my wonderful realtor Katrina Webb-McNeil. Purchasing a home can be a stressful stomach turning event, but I was greatly aided by the calming presence of Katrina. I felt that she took my search for a home a seriously as I did. She listened, offered smart suggestions and was relentless in looking for the home that suited our needs best. I never felt pushed or pressured into a sale, and what’s better, I found her to be great company. What could have been a series of grave transactions was treated with a light, human touch. Throughout the process Katrina maintained a sense of humor, which made the process far less intimidating. I highly recommend her for her skill, acumen, courtesy, and professionalism. In fact, I already do!"
Alec Mapa, Actor and Comedian
Working with Katrina you get the best of both worlds – a strong mind and a kind heart. In searching for a home or another property it is critical to have a realtor who has the knowledge and honesty to not waste your time and to give you the right information to make an informed decision. Katrina is knowledgeable, honest and upfront and a go-getter who will not rest until she’s done her absolute best for her client.

Celine Schein-Das, Executive Director at Chitresh Das Dance Company
Katrina assisted us in the sale of our home. She handled our special circumstances with great discretion and perseverance. She was always as charming as she was professional and skilled, and she provided timely information and support and to my buying agent also so we could meet our tight deadlines. I highly recommend Katrina to any prospective home seller.
Robert Rakauskas
"Renee and I want to thank you for the professional and efficient job that you did on selling our house. Since our home was unique, we felt it needed specialized marketing above and beyond the normal channels. We were very pleased with the professional brochure and marketing techniques that you incorporated into your presentation. A qualified buyer was found quickly and you were there to guide us through the escrow process. Please do not hesitate to use us as a reference should any of your future clients need further information on your qualifications."
Don and Renee Brownstein
"I have nothing but accolades for Katrina! She is above all, is knowledgeable and professional. I have worked with her on two occasions and will happily do so again when I need real estate services. She sold my house at a time of year that was considered difficult, and within the time-frame I asked. She gave me vital opinions about how to present my property in a positive light. The ads and listings were published strategically and timely. The photography and writing was imaginative and enticing. On a personal level, she is wonderful to work with and made both of the experiences rewarding."
Katherine Marking
If you want a thorough, professional, and most important, drama free real estate experience, call Katrina Webb-McNeil. It is always a complete pleasure to work with Katrina.
Liz Johnson, Realtor at Compass
Gracious, intelligent, efficient, hard working, and very competent. Add to all of this a lovely smile and a good sense of humour, and you’ll get a sense of what working with Katrina is like. A rare gem!

Jean Paul Monsche, Founder/Owner at Jean Paul Monsche Music
We first contacted Katrina when we saw a house we were interested in. I've done a pretty thorough job of researching the property ahead of time. Upon our first meeting the very next morning, Katrina showed up knowing more about the place than we did. It only got better from there. Katrina is an absolute rock star! She was always on top of everything and always a step ahead of everyone. There was never a question she couldn't answer (and I ask *a lot* of annoyingly detailed questions). Her responses were always prompt and thorough. She was our rock when the pressure of negotiation threatened to get the better of us. Buying a home - especially for the first time - is always stressful and can be scary. All the mountains of paperwork and terse legalese can make your head spin. With Katrina you will be able to navigate all of it confidently, knowing that all decisions you make are well informed and factually correct. And that is priceless!!
Pete Chudykowski
We were first introduced to Katrina back in 2010 by a friend who was using her as his agent for the purchase of a home in Mount Washington. He spoke highly of her, so we decided to give her a try. We were in the process of selling a Loft space and trying to purchase a home in Mount Washington with escrows closing concurrently. Not an easy task we discovered. There were some very stressful moments, but Katrina got us through the process flawlessly and left such a lasting impression on us we contacted her again this past month ( June 2014 ) to sell the home she helped us buy in Mount Washington and purchase a new home in the Highland Park/Garvanza district. The sellers of the home we were purchasing had some very specific requirements and again we found ourselves needing to sell and buy with escrows closing concurrently. Katrina got our home sold in 4 days with multiple offers, convinced the sellers of the home we wanted to buy who also had multiple offers that we were the right choice for them and once again proved she is the master of concurrent escrow closings. You will not find a more knowledgeable agent and we doubt there are many like her who can get you through a double 30 day escrow trouble free. We couldn’t be happier and can’t and enough kind things to say about her. If you want an agent who is caring and can get you through what will inevitably be a stressful time, then Katrina Webb-McNeil is the agent you want to contact.
Patrick Crowe, Trixxi
I was a first time home buyer and was recommended Katrina from a family friend. Being a first time home buyer I obviously had a lot of questions and Katrina was great at guiding me through the process and responding to me quickly. All and all a great experience!
Mark O Werts
Katrina could not have been more amazing in assisting us with purchasing our new home. She was very knowledgeable about the areas we were looking in, and what prices we could expect to find. She was also very informative about the process, which as new homeowners, we knew very little about. She was always available when we had a question or wanted to see a new place. We will definitely use Katrina in the future when we decide to grow from our starter home. I can't recommend her enough.
Benjamin and Elizabeth
I worked at Sotheby's with Katrina for years and she was always great. I just did a transaction with her and once again, she was professional and very easy to be around. Katrina, let's do another one soon.
Steve Clark, Clark Living
We worked with Katrina to purchase our first home in Highland Park. As first time buyers, we were not familiar with the process, and Katrina very thoroughly (and patiently) walked us through the entire process, down to reviewing the entire length of the contract paragraph by paragraph. We consistently found her to be knowledgeable, responsive, and friendly, and she really listened to what we wanted. She was overall an absolute joy to work with, and we will definitely be calling on her again the next time we buy or sell a house.
Tracy Bremmer and Andres F. Escobar
"Katrina is an excellent and highly professional real estate agent who treats all of her client needs with respect and fervor. She conducts her real estate transactions thoroughly, and makes sure all matters are handled with confidentiality. In my interactions with Katrina, I observed a positive and knowledgeable agent who works diligently to offer extraordinary service to her clients. I would gladly recommend her services to anyone."
Elizabeth Ohbi-Frank, President/Owner at The Reflect Group
Katrina really knows her business. She never hard sells and makes you feel like she's a friend helping you find the best house for your needs. Very detail oriented and walks you through from start to finish. She was also very patient with our decision making process. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to buy a property.
Jennifer and Marc Jackson
Katrina is a fantastic realtor - informative, responsive to needs, diligent, creative and personable. She guided my wife and I through the complicated process of house-selling and -buying, always with clear-eyed perspective and much-needed encouragement. We are happy to recommend her to anyone, as a realtor and as a friend.
Andrew Stewart, Director – Business Affairs, Production at Sony Pictures Entertainment
"Katrina is a professional and personable agent who has represented several of my properties in the Los Angeles area. She works with the utmost integrity and always get the job done. You couldn't ask for anything more in a Real Estate Agent."
Bernadette McNamara, Writer
Katrina was absolutely the best real estate agent we could have asked for. Being first time home buyers, she walked us through every step of the process, was kind, patient with our endless questions, very friendly, and knew everything about everything. She helped us find the perfect house and we remain super grateful for all of her hard work. Very highly recommended!!

Graham Skipper, Actor
Katrina is a great real estate agent. After going through several agents who really don't know how the market work, Katrina really help me find the right home on my tight budget and strange criteria. She knows the neighborhood really well and knows exactly how to approach an offer.
Manson Fung
In 2010, my partner and I decided to sell our downtown loft and look for a single family home somewhere in Los Angeles. We decided to take the difficult route of selling and buying at the same time. We already had a selling agent who was more familiar the downtown L.A. loft scene. We needed a buying agent who could help us not only find a house, but find a house we could afford and in an area we would want to live. Luckily, we had a friend who had purchased a home with Katrina as his agent about the same time we were preparing to list our loft. He highly recommended her so we gave her a call. Once we met, we knew immediately that she was someone who understood what we wanted and more importantly had a personality of not only someone we could trust, but someone we felt comfortable with and confident that she would be able to find us the home we wanted. Needless to say selling and buying at the same time proved to be more challenging and frustrating than we had anticipated. A lot of our frustration came from our selling agent who turned out not to be as much of an expert as he had convinced us he was. Our personalities were conflicting and we never quite built up the trust level with him that we had with Katrina. At one point, he was so out of touch with what was going on, we began asking Katrina for advice and direction which she happily provided. Katrina worked diligently and found us a home in a neighborhood we never knew existed and with her constant help and guidance we sold our loft and closed on our new home on the same day. Three years later we are still very happy with the home we purchased and still keep in contact with Katrina as she is the only agent we would consider working with when we are ready to sell and purchase our next home.
Hansol Park, Partner and Architect/Senior Designer at Yazdani Studio of Cannon Design
"I could not have been more pleased with the professionalism and expertise that Katrina and her team provided in helping to sell my condo in Studio City. I live in Arizona and was concerned that selling from out of state would a huge hassle and very difficult to manage. Katrina made it unbelievably easy. On a personal level Katrina is extremely knowledgeable, helpful and personable. She was always available and prompt in getting back to me with answers to my many questions and favors throughout the entire process from listing to escrow to finally selling. She never made me feel that I was bothering her and was always gracious in her willingness to help. She went above and beyond what would be considered “her job” in order to assist me on more than one occasion. On a professional level Katrina is extremely skilled in marketing and negotiating. With her help and guidance we were able to get multiple offers within the first week and amazingly were able to accept an offer over asking price within one week of listing. The entire process was unbelievably smooth and easy with her steadfast assistance and knowledgeable guidance. Her attention to detail is noteworthy and her follow through flawless. I used Katrina when I bought my condo, and used her again to sell it. I would recommend her to anyone looking to sell their home."
Lynne Lepore
Trina is the best!! No one knows more or does more to help you!!
Bill Marcus
I have worked with Katrina and her clients for over six years, now. Katrina is truly a professional Realtor, as well as caring and efficient. Her clients always know the status on their transaction. It is a pleasure to work with someone as Katrina. She keeps in touch throughout the transaction not only with her clients, but with Escrow (me), Lenders and other entities which lends to a smooth closing of Escrow. Not only is Katrina professional, she is lovely to work with, very confident, calm (which really helps); and, knowledgeable.
Nan Sandford
"From the moment of introduction to the signing of closing documents Katrina was magnificent! Katrina is a tremendous team player with a focus on attention to detail. I was kept informed every step of the way and throughout the entire selling process. She devised an amazing marketing strategy to sell our home and was very diligent in her follow-through of each and every detail, from the staging of open houses to the acceptance of multiple offers. Katrina really took the “mystery” out of selling our home and was a delight to work with. Our happiest moment came when we replaced the “For Sale” sign with a “Sold” sign and she humbly acknowledged the Herculean efforts with a gesture of congratulations of a simple wink and a smile. I challenge anyone to find a better realtor! By far, the best home selling experience I have ever had, hands down. Thank you, Katrina!!"
Curtis Bergeron
"Katrina is an experienced, smart and dedicated professional who consistently provides the best in service and care to her clients. Her vast market knowledge and savvy marketing materials combined with the global reach of the Sotheby’s International Realty brand and network make for a win win situation for all her buyers and sellers."
Marc Giroux, Vice President and Branch Manager at Sotheby’s International Realty
"As a mortgage lender for over 15 years it’s always awesome to deal with agent that deliver service without sacrificing customer services. Katrina is always upbeat, friendly and always working doing whatever needs to be done to close the deal."
Americo Salazar
Katrina is awesome!
Kris Bernard
"I couldn’t be more pleased with Katrina. Her professionalism and efficiency made our home buying experience seamless. We’re lucky to have her knowledge and wisdom at our disposal."
Terry Pettigrew-Rolapp
Katrina was our agent when we purchased an 1890 Victorian in foreclosure. She was able to help us work through several difficult issues until the purchase was completed. Four years later, we hired her to represent us when we sold the same home. She was trustworthy and worked hard and sold our home four months after listing it in 2013. Katrina is easy to work with, responds to your needs and represents her clients with skill and grace. She has a thorough understanding of the market conditions as they fluctuate and change. I would highly recommend Katrina as your Real Estate Agent.
Linda and Ron Fuiji
"Katrina was referred to me by some of her colleagues at Partner’s Trust. She was a joy to work with, professional, insightful, patient, and available. I was in the process of looking for homes in and around Eagle Rock and Katrina really educated me on the area and the variety. She brought structure and understanding to my search all with a positive courteous approach. I will refer friends to her as the need arises, and confidently give my recommendation."
Owen Hall, Ernst & Young- Managing Consultant, Strategy, Transformation, Program Management
Katrina is one of the most knowledgable Real Estate Agents I know. She is always very attentive and takes care of her clients with class and integrity. Katrina makes sure that every client of hers gets the best attention because she knows purchasing a home is one of the most important items her clients care about. I would always recommend Katrina to anyone because I know she will take great care of them.
Greg Lane