How To Understand Real Estate Jargon

Today I wanted to have a little fun and chat about real estate jargon; specifically words used in listing advertisements. After years of reading

listing copy I have learned that agents may tend to exaggerate a little. Really, it’s their job to bring buyers through the door, so I don’t fault them but I have

learned to read through the lines and I’d like to share a few with you.


When a listing says: Cozy, charming, cute, adorable, quaint, efficient it usually means a home that is on the smaller side.


Potential, TLC, blank canvas, diamond in the rough, sweat equity, good bones and my latest favorite “propertunity!” ..these all mean the house will need

some work…perhaps a lot of work.


Low maintenance yard – that’s a small or mostly concrete yard.


When it’s centrally located, close to shops or amenities and transportation, – check the map. It may be next to a freeway or a subway stop.


Its has a Peek- a – boo view! ….if you stand in this one spot and strain your neck this way you may see something.


Gorgeous, stunning , magnificent, designer, fabulous, or here in LA – “celebrity-owned”, …well the house very well be all of these things plus.. but

good taste is certainly subjective. Let’s looks look at the photos!


I hope you’ve enjoyed this real estate moment. I’d love to hear some that have made you chuckle.

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