3 Things You Should Never Tell Your Real Estate Agent

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to offer some advice on things you just shouldn’t tell your agent and why not.


1. “We’re not in a hurry” – but you really are! I have heard this many times and most recently from a couple who was seven months pregnant. They

really did want to find something quickly! No one likes to feel pressured and certainly not with a huge life changing financial decision. Understood. But if you

tell an agent this you go straight to a back burner. Your agent may set you up with updates, check to see if you are working with a lender, discuss areas and

wants and needs but the truth is there is not much we can really do beyond that until you are closer to making a move. I have had people tell me we are looking

to buy a year from now and anything I can say about the market or interest rates may be completely different in a year’s time. I recommend starting a

conversation 3-6 months out. This gives time to get financing ducks in a row and learn about different areas.


2. “I’ll go with any agent who can find me the property.” You then find yourself wondering why your phone is not ringing at all! You have 7

agents looking high and low for you! The truth is you do not have 7 agents looking for you. Agents work hard and are only paid when title

transfers, when you actually buy a home. It can take time and time is money to real estate agents. Most experienced and smart agents are busy

with clients who are loyal and trustworthy. They won’t waste time with clients who don’t value their work. You want an experienced and smart

agent who is loyal and trustworthy don’t you? Something to think about.


3. “I don’t want to disclose that.” Most people say location, location, I say disclosure, disclosure, disclosure! I recently purchased an investment

property and was doing a little work before renting it out. On the second day a neighbor came over and said to me “you know the old owner died

there”. It had not been disclosed to me during escrow. I asked if she was a nice person and he said yes so we moved along but that is how fast it can

happen ..day 2! In my experience, buyers do not cancel escrow because of disclosures but they absolutely do sue for non-disclosure.


As always, I welcome your thoughts.


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