Homes Online vs. Buying in Reality

House shopping is the most fun part of the real estate experience and one of my very favorite things to do. Most people spend months looking

at dreamy homes online. You may have visited some open houses… you’ve dialed in some areas and styles that work for you and you have a pretty good idea

of a comfortable price range. You feel like you know the market ….you are practically an agent! Well, the reality of actually buying a home is a little

more involved. Let’s dive in.


Actually seeing homes in person is a huge must. Agents spend a lot of money on great photography so those rooms that look enormous, well, they may

not actually fit your bed. That yard looks like it can fit a pool but is really just a little corner and it’s on a hillside. Hillside pools are fantastic but expensive! In

my experience buyers, in all price ranges, often have to make some compromises so I recommend thinking of the top Must Haves and then working through the

other wants.


Okay, you find the perfect house!! You’re ready to make an offer! Here’s where a great agent becomes invaluable. First she knows the homes that

have recently sold in the area. She also knows the listing agent and perhaps has done business with them before. This is a plus as then the seller’s agent

know she’s a professional, she only works with great buyers and will do what she and her buyers are saying they will do.


Next there is the purchase agreement. It’s 10 pages long! A professional will know this contract back and forth and will guide you through so that you

know all of your protections and you can discuss expectations and timelines. You wrote a clean wonderful offer and you have acceptance! Congratulations! Now

for investigations. A great agent will guide you through recommended inspections and the disclosures. At the end you will have gone through about 3 inches of

paperwork …well in the old days now we are green!


This is a short synopsis but as you can see the process is pretty involved and having an experienced agent on your side is big plus.


Let me know any thoughts or questions!

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