Vlada and Mark Werts

Thank you SO SO much Katrina and Willie!!! We can’t thank you two enough! We’ve used Katrina twice now. Once to buy an incredible home in Eagle Rock and now to sell that same home in Eagle Rock and purchase our new home in Valley Glen. We came to Katrina with (what we thought) was a completely impossible task and she and Willie went above and beyond. I fell in love with a home in Valley Glen while browsing Redfin on a whim. My husband and I weren’t even on the market to buy / sell (just thought it would be fun to take a look) but knew we had to have this property. We asked Katrina and Willie on a Saturday if we could see the property. The following day we saw the property (fell in love), and by Monday put in an offer. With their amazing expertise we were able to get our house photographed and listed within days, got offers in just a few days on the market (even before the public open house) went into escrow by the 6th day, and got over asking! Anyone who’s ever tried to sell and buy a home knows it takes months of prep work to even get to this stage, but they were able to pull off a miracle. They helped us pick the perfect buyers who loved our home making this entire wild and quick process as smooth as possible. We are awestruck by these two and their teamwork. Long story short, we got the house and sold ours lightening fast.

I’m positive there would be no way we could have done this if it wasn’t for Katrina and Willie. Our kiddo is going to LOVE the new backyard and we can’t wait to start gardening.

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