Christie McCollum

I truly can’t imagine a better mentor than Katrina. Hers is a career that any agent would aspire to—she’s built a business that’s primarily referral-based so it’s evident that she creates real results for her clients, and they love her. She sells gorgeous houses across diverse and interesting neighborhoods, she’s respected and well liked by her peers, and she’s accomplished all this while maintaining a healthy work-life balance, which speaks to her both her effectiveness and her discipline. Seeing all this, I’ve soaked up everything she’s taught me because clearly she’s doing it right.

As a teacher, Katrina is abundantly patient. She’d let me ask the same question a dozen times and patiently explain the “what, when and why” until I finally got it. Early on, we had to navigate a few challenging situations with my clients. She let me have the difficult conversations, she let me make mistakes, and I felt comfortable doing so because I knew she was always there to jump in and catch me if I fell.

But perhaps the best thing about Katrina is her generosity. With her mentees and clients, Katrina enthusiastically shares her time, energy and knowledge. She didn’t care that I was after the same micro-market; she said there’s enough success to go around and she handed me all of her secrets. She’s trusted me with her clients. I feel forever grateful to her for all that she’s taught and given me. Katrina’s grace, professionalism and strategic mind are unmatched in the industry, and even though I’ve graduated from her program, I’ll always consider her a mentor, and a friend.

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