Hansol Park, Partner and Architect/Senior Designer at Yazdani Studio of Cannon Design

In 2010, my partner and I decided to sell our downtown loft and look for a single family home somewhere in Los Angeles. We decided to take the difficult route of selling and buying at the same time. We already had a selling agent who was more familiar the downtown L.A. loft scene. We needed a buying agent who could help us not only find a house, but find a house we could afford and in an area we would want to live.

Luckily, we had a friend who had purchased a home with Katrina as his agent about the same time we were preparing to list our loft. He highly recommended her so we gave her a call. Once we met, we knew immediately that she was someone who understood what we wanted and more importantly had a personality of not only someone we could trust, but someone we felt comfortable with and confident that she would be able to find us the home we wanted.

Needless to say selling and buying at the same time proved to be more challenging and frustrating than we had anticipated. A lot of our frustration came from our selling agent who turned out not to be as much of an expert as he had convinced us he was. Our personalities were conflicting and we never quite built up the trust level with him that we had with Katrina. At one point, he was so out of touch with what was going on, we began asking Katrina for advice and direction which she happily provided.

Katrina worked diligently and found us a home in a neighborhood we never knew existed and with her constant help and guidance we sold our loft and closed on our new home on the same day. Three years later we are still very happy with the home we purchased and still keep in contact with Katrina as she is the only agent we would consider working with when we are ready to sell and purchase our next home.

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