Sean and Yuki Kitazawa

We met Katrina for the first time almost 10 years ago at an open house which she was hosting as a seller’s agent when we were cruising LA area visiting several open houses to look for our house. At that time she was so kind and patient to listen to our needs carefully and gave appropriate and clear advice and information on hunting house in the area to us. As the meeting was impressive and comfortable and we liked her cheerful spirit, we asked her to help us as a buyer’s agent. Since then our house shopping with Katrina started. It was not easy shopping since we lived in Ohio at that time so that we needed to fly to LA each time we visit candidate houses with Katrina. We made several trips and visited more than 50 houses spending more than 12 months, and finally found and bought a lovely house. We have enjoyed comfortable living in this house until this year which we believe could not attain without Katrina’s efforts, patience and hard work.

This time when we decided to sell this house we contacted Katrina, without any hesitation, to help us as a seller’s agent. Then, as we expected, she did a great job and got multiple offers in short time and gave us successful and satisfactory result. As we moved out of the state before putting the house on the market, Katrina kept visiting the house to water the plants and made own recipe for hummingbird feeders to keep the house alive. We have bought /sold 6 houses so far in the states with the help of many realtors, and among them, Katrina is the best with no doubt!

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