Pete Chudykowski

We first contacted Katrina when we saw a house we were interested in. I’ve done a pretty thorough job of researching the property ahead of time. Upon our first meeting the very next morning, Katrina showed up knowing more about the place than we did. It only got better from there. Katrina is an absolute rock star! She was always on top of everything and always a step ahead of everyone. There was never a question she couldn’t answer (and I ask *a lot* of annoyingly detailed questions). Her responses were always prompt and thorough. She was our rock when the pressure of negotiation threatened to get the better of us. Buying a home – especially for the first time – is always stressful and can be scary. All the mountains of paperwork and terse legalese can make your head spin. With Katrina you will be able to navigate all of it confidently, knowing that all decisions you make are well informed and factually correct. And that is priceless!!

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