Maty Novia

Katrina is special in many ways but her true gift is her ability to teach. When I got my real estate license, I had been a stay at home mom for 18 years. Katrina was assigned to me and for the next 6 months, she took me from a complete novice to feeling empowered to do deals on my own. She oversaw every detail of every transaction and pushed me to be better. She wanted me to succeed and encouraged me at every turn.
Her organizational mind is key to why she is so successful in real estate. I always tell her that she should become an attorney because she not only knows contracts inside out, she relishes in them. Her very loyal clients love her because she knows how to educate them in a comprehensive and clear manner. I still call her for advice and consider her a blessing in my life. I always tell people that I was lucky to study at the “Harvard” of real estate with Professor Katrina Webb inspiring me all the way.

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